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March 16th Hearing Downtown to Stop Rezone was unsuccessful.

We need everyone to email our City Councilor at or at least @kristin4indy on Twitter!

This sewage plant would not serve West Indy – it would only serve the Ben Davis Conservancy District.

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WINC Hears You, West Indy

West Indy collected over 400 signatures against the construction of a sewage plant at 900 S. Tibbs in a matter of days. WINC has attempted to engage our city leaders from City Councilor Kristin Jones all the way up to the Mayor’s Office. We have gathered research and spoken at Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) hearings in an attempt to stop the rezone that would permit this project. The City Council will have an opportunity to put an end to this issue, but we need everyone to let them know how you feel. Email your City Councilor to let her know you don’t want this!

Documents and Transparency

In order to be completely transparent, we are sharing all of the documentation we have gathered about this project. We do not wish to misinform or misguide anyone about the conclusions we have come to. If you have any questions or concerns about the validity of the content here, please feel free to contact us at

This is against our Quality of Life Plan

The construction of a second sewage plant in West Indianapolis boundaries – specifically anything on Chrysler land – WITHOUT NOTIFICATION – goes directly against our Quality of Life Plan.

The QoL Plan was designed and signed by WINC, West Indy residents, community partners such as WIDC, schools, churches, businesses, and Indiana Environmental Institute. The QoL was adopted by the City in 2008. The City’s Land Use Plan is supposed to consider that Quality of Life plan when making decisions about how to use land in our neighborhood.

It’s against the City Land Use Plan

The Land Use Plan itself specifically states that no development should take place within Neeld Ditch, and that no development should contaminate downstream.

This ditch is where the sewage plant would dump their effluent (what comes out of the plant).

It’s Unhealthy

Sewage plants let off gases into the air that are harmful to humans. Those gases include nitrous oxide and ozone.

Nitrous oxide isn’t just acid rain – as if that’s not bad enough. Even low levels of nitrous oxide can cause fluid buildup in your lungs after just a day or two of exposure.

Nitrous oxide also creates ozone when it reacts with sunlight. Ozone can be deadly for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.

Prevailing winds would blow from the direction of one sewage plant or the other on just about any given day.

How close would the sewage plant be? Distances as the crow flies from West Indy landmarks:

  • Houses on Delmar Ave – about 560 ft
  • Mann’s Grill – about 1,000 ft
  • Tibb’s Drive-In – about 1,300 ft


Neeld Ditch is in a FEMA floodway

There are houses on the other side of the Ditch.

Remember that this ditch is where the sewage plant would dump their effluent (what comes out of the plant).

Remember that the Land Use Plan (above) said no development should take place that might contaminate the floodway.

Emergencies, Accidents, and Malfunctions Happen

The Conservancy knows this. Their lawyers know this. The engineering firm who designed the plant knows this.

New Palestine fired Triad Associates (the engineering firm who designed the plant for the Conservancy) just this last December because their design failed two years into an upgrade promised to last 20 years.

There is a shortage of licensed sewage plant operators across the United States right now. BDCD plans to hire one operator who will be at the plant once a week.

Triad engineer Jim Frazell (who cites Linton – see overflow above – as one of his projects on his biography) repeatedly pointed us to the Carmel plant as an example of the type of plant that would be at 900 S. Tibbs. The Carmel plant had 9 IDEM violations within 4 months.

Carmel had 4 trained technicians on staff when the plant experienced a toxic episode that halted plant operations indefinitely.

Sewage plants dump raw sewage into their dumping site (in this case, Neeld Ditch) when overflows happen. If this can happen at large municipal plants with several fail-safes and trained technicians, it can happen in West Indy.


  • Neeld Ditch is the effluent dumping site.
  • There are people living in houses on the other side of the Ditch.
  • The Ditch is supposed to be protected from development and contamination per the Land Use Plan.
  • The Ditch runs across/underneath Tibbs, headed for Eagle Creek and then White River, between the railroad bridge and Delmar.

Citizen’s Has Offered a Guaranteed Lower Rate to the Conservancy

Ben Davis Conservancy District has repeatedly said the reason for this sewage plant would be to save money for their residents. Now Citizen’s has offered to buy the Conservancy and guarantees a lower rate to residents of the district.

BDCD Votes Unanimously to Reject Citizens’ Acquisition Offer

On Thursday, May 12, Ben Davis Conservancy District’s three-person Board decided to reject Citizens’ offer to purchase the District. Residents were met with disrespect when legitimately asking whether they could vote on the issue, and called liars when recounting stories of bad customer service and quoting BDCD’s own documents.

IDEM Is Curious About BDCD’s Transparency and Numbers

Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is the agency that determines whether a person or entity can affect our environment. This is the agency BDCD had to ask for permission to construct and operate the sewage plant. This week, IDEM asked BDCD for updated financial information. BDCD was also advised in that correspondence that public comment period would be open for residents to voice their opinion when BDCD applies for the permit required to dump effluent. This will give you the chance you didn’t get before to be heard!