Community Calendar:

Nothing from May 24, 2022 to May 31, 2022.

West Indianapolis Neighborhood Congress

Board Of Directors

Priscilla Jackson


Priscilla is a lifelong resident who values the diverse perspectives and experiences of our neighbors. She seeks to encourage collaboration between residents and business partners within West Indy to make lasting positive impacts to our quality of life.

Jessica Saenz

Vice President

Jessica is a 5th generation West Indy resident. She focuses on environmental issues in our neighborhood and translates materials and resources for our Spanish-speaking neighbors.

Michelle Mann


Michelle is a nearly lifelong resident of West Indy. She has been a resident volunteer and advocate for our neighborhood for many years. Her goal is to always support the community and neighbors. Her focus is on parks and beautification.

Jonathan Howe


Jon is a lifelong resident of West Indy and local business owner.

Merri Young

Board Member

Merri has lived in West Indy for over 45 years. She takes pride in our neighborhood, and loves living close to the park and her 6 great grandchildren. Merri also owns rental property in West Indy, and strongly believes that renters’ rights keep our community alive and thriving.